How to Do Qigong

Three Goals

  1. Relax the body
  2. Quiet the mind
  3. Open the heart

Stillness, Love, Forgiveness

Three Physical Steps

  1. S.M.I.L.E. – Start My Internal Love Engine
  2. Relax, straighten spine, and drop your shoulders
  3. Breathe gently, deeply, and quietly through nose
  4. (3-5 sec. inhale, 3-5 sec. exhale)

Three Mental Steps

    1. Say your password.
    2. Say your intent.
  1. Say thank you.

Further Explanation of The Three Mental Steps

1. Say your password to connect with God/universe.
Begin with a password that represents infinite power, peace, love, and healing energy to you; it’s the meaning that is importa


i.e. “I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I combine together.”
i.e. “I am in God’s love, God’s love is in me, God and I combine spiritually.”

2. Say your intent/prayer to set the specific requests for God/universe.

i.e. Please heal ___, all blockages gone, all channels open, I am completely healed.

3. Say thank you to God/universe. Embody a constant state of gratitude.

Use The 3 Mental Steps to be connected with God/universe at anytime for anything.
Start with 10 minutes of Active Exercise and Meditative Qigong per day.
End Active & Meditative Exercise with rubbing your ears or Harvesting the Qi.

Pray without ceasing. Be mindful. Connect with everythin

g you do.

Further Opportunities for Learning Qigong

  1. Practice on your own with Active Exercises.
  2. Free practice sessions in Farmville.
  3. 1 on 1 instruction, practice, or healing sessions, co
  4. aching, Qi~ssage (massage). Contact us forinformation on remote or in person sessions.