How to Do Qigong

Three Goals

  1. Relax the body
  2. Quiet the mind
  3. Open the heart

Stillness, Love, Forgiveness

Three Physical Steps

  1. S.M.I.L.E. – Start My Internal Love Engine
  2. Relax, straighten spine, and drop your shoulders
  3. Breathe gently, deeply, and quietly through nose (3-5 sec. inhale, 3-5 sec. exhale)

Three Mental Steps

  1. Say your password.
  2. Say your intent.
  3. Say thank you.

Further Explanation of The Three Mental Steps

1. Say your password to connect with God/universe.
Begin with a password that represents infinite power, peace, love, and healing energy to you; it’s the meaning that is important.

i.e. “I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I combine together.”
i.e. “I am in God’s love, God’s love is in me, God and I combine spiritually.”

2. Say your intent/prayer to set the specific requests for God/universe.

i.e. Please heal ___, all blockages gone, all channels open, I am completely healed.

3. Say thank you to God/universe. Embody a constant state of gratitude.

Use The 3 Mental Steps to be connected with God/universe at anytime for anything.
Start with 10 minutes of Active Exercise and Meditative Qigong per day.
End Active & Meditative Exercise with rubbing your ears or Harvesting the Qi.

Pray without ceasing. Be mindful. Connect with everything you do.

Further Opportunities for Learning Qigong

  1. Practice on your own with Active Exercises.
  2. Free practice sessions in Farmville.
  3. 1 on 1 instruction, practice, or healing sessions, coaching, Qi~ssage (massage). Contact us for more information on remote or in person sessions.