Master of Qi 2017

Qigong can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Shifting one’s perception allows it to be seen that every moment is a chance to connect. 

Powerful simple tools can be used as an initiator of change. Engage with your community and find out what can be shifted!

Tip: 3×5 cards can be a useful guide for clients to help implement Qigong immediately. They serve as a visual that can be left on desk or taped to a computer screen. Examples of what is given to a student/client after a Qigong session:

Love and Qi! 

Example of flyer promoting a Qigong practice group:

Tip: De-stress balls in the office or at presentations are a useful reminder to create motion.

The above are notes to accompany Melanine’s talk at the 2017 Spring Forest Qigong Annual Conference, Master of Qi 2017. To request a copy of the presentation slide deck, contact us here.